En Reino Unido, la Caravana contra el Bloqueo a Cuba será el 19 de junio en las ciudades de Londres, Manchester y Sheffield.

June’s Caravan Against the Blockade Events

A special world day of action has been called ahead of the 2021 UN vote on the US blockade.

UK EVENTS (more to be confirmed)

Saturday 19 June, 12-1pm, LONDON

Meet 11.50am for 12pm start at Embankment Tube
Walk/cycle to Trafalgar Square via Thames Embankment and Parliament Square.
Join the whole caravan or meet us along the route

Bring flags, banners and signs, or email us if you want to help carry CSC's.

Please confirm your attendance so we can plan ahead by emailing communications@cuba-solidarity.org.uk

Saturday 19 June, 12pm, Hyde, MANCHESTER

Car cavalcade from Morrison’s car park, Mottram Road, SK14 2NN to The Sportsman.
Contact cscmanchester@gmail.com for lifts and details.

Saturday 19 June, 12pm, SHEFFIELD

Join Sheffield CSC on Devonshire Green to march to Sheffield Town Hall for a rally. Bring flags and banners!

Part of the world days of action in advance of the UN vote on the blockade on 23 June. If your CSC group is organising an event and would like it listed on the CSC website please email communications@cuba-solidarity.org.uk

Find out more and download our free posters here

COVID-19 Medical Appeal Update on second shipment of aid

In May, a further £16,500 was spent on equipment to help Cuba treat and vaccinate its people as part of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s COVID-19 Medical Appeal.

It includes specialist equipment for Cuba's testing and vaccination programme including cryotubes for transporting test samples, as well as serums and compounds used to manufacture drugs to treat patients with COVID-19.

Although Cuba’s rates of infection and deaths from the disease are low compared to the world average, cases in 2021 have peaked with new variants, and current daily rates of infection are around 1,100 with 10 deaths a day.

Once again we would like to thank everyone who has donated to this appeal.

Read more about how your money has been spent here

Donate to the appeal here

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